Squacoo heron fishing Lake Vaya Burgas during .jpg
description: Bulgaria vaya lake Burgas June 28 2013: Squacco Heron watchers for prey from the reed beds along the edge of Vaya lake one of the three lakes on the outskirts of the second largest city along the located Black Sea coast, Squacco herons nest in small colonies, often with other wading birds, usually on platforms of reeds lay 3 to 4 eggs feeding on fish, frogs and insects. Burgas lakes are important breeding grounds and part of the project Life for Bourgas lakes which is supported financialy by the Eu Life + Nature. Main activities of the project is to enhance feeding, breeding and roosting habitats for bird speies. Located on one of the main migration routes in Europe the Via Pontica flyway.
keywords: Herons, Squacco herons, Burgas lakes, vaya Lake, Wildlife, nature, Wetlands Birds, Wetlands, Via Pontica, migration route, Migration
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