Uk weather cloudy dull dry day Meltom Mowbray
description: Malton Mowbray December 2nd 2017: Cold and cloudy afternoon, frozen covered town center pond Black headed gulls, Mew Gull and Mallards with reflection on ice and water as they fish for food as Britian enters a cold spell expeted to be colder then Eastern Europe.. Clifford Norton/Alamy Live News
keywords: Mallard ducks, Mew gull, Black headed gull, gulls, water, ice, frozen over pond, refelcetions, sun rise, sunshine, morning glow, golden colours, woodland, parkland, frost, grey wet day, weather, light rain, rain, grey skys, sky, skies, raining, wet weather, Sunshine, Sun, Autumn, Autumn colours, holiday, Nature, attaction, people, trees, walk in the park, water, Europe, land, food, clouds and cool wind with rain. clouds, warm, park, r weather, people, trourist, travel, sky, clouds, large white clouds, Skies, spring, winter, summer, picture postcard, weather
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