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description: Burgas Bulgaria May 14 th 2014: With improved birdwatching conditions including disabled rams, toilets and floating pontoons for easy access to Bulgaria's largest lake,. Lake Vaya has a wide variety of species, including 23 fish, 60 invertebrate and 254 bird species 61 are endangered in Bulgaria and 9 worldwide. Serious threats are the change of the landscape and the increase quantity of the chemicals entering the water. ©Clifford Norton live news The nature conservation site Poda was declared a protected area in 1989 by the Bulgarian Ministry of Water and Environment. It was the first protected area in Bulgaria that is completely managed and maintained by a non-governmental organization, the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds(BSPB). BSPB prepares and implements activities adopted by the Council of Minister's Management Plan, but receives its funding completely from entrance fees, souvenirs sold, and donations. Through this arrangement, it aims to be a sustainable model for nature conservation, environmental education, and eco-tourism. Located south of the port city of Bourgas on the Southeastern Bulgarian Black Sea Coast, Poda is surrounded by the Black Sea and three large lakes - Vaya Lake, Mandra Lake, and Atanasovsko Lake. Along with the protected area Poda, they form a large wetland area called the Burgas Lakes. It is a biologically important area as a resting station for many of the migratory birds who use the Eastern European migratory route, Via Pontica; as well as an important nesting habitat for many breeding species. In 1994, it was classified as a CORINE and in 2002 Poda was included in the Ramsar List of Wetlands of International Importance under the Ramsar Convention. It is proposed to be included in the European Natura 2000 network within the natural area Mandra - Poda.
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