young chick calls for mum melton park center w.jpg
description: Melton Mowbray 29th July 2017: Clouds, wildlife and a photographer with young moor hen chicks Clifford Norton/Alamy Live
keywords: Clouds and rays of sunlight, drama to the, sky, day of sunshine and showers, UK weather, UK, Weather, sunshine, Blue skies white clouds flowers in bloom on market day, Blue skies white clouds, wildlife town center, Grey clouds, cool wind, rain, Grey clouds and cool wind with rain.ducks, duck, allard ducks, baby ducks, young ducks, clouds, wildlife, warm, park, lake, swan, resident, nature, wildlife national trust, people, travel, tourist, visitors, weather, people, trourist, travel, carts, sky, clouds, large white clouds, Skies, spring, winter, summer, picture postcard, weather, woods, parkland, Warm sunny sunny day
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