Bulgaria Weather mixed warm weather
description: Sliven September 26th 2016: Cat watchers over gift stall, golden light over the blue mountians, Cricket blends into the dry grass land, rainbows by the road side a mixed day of weather in the major tourist town at the foothill of the Blue Mountian. ©Clifford Norton/Alamy Live
keywords: Sliven, Blue Mountians, Tourist, Sky, Warm, Golden Light, Trees, tree, woodland, Elhovo, Yambol, town, Starlings, orange sky, golden leafs, Bulgaria Ustream Monastery, Weather, fishing nets, Migration, hoopoe, normally it doesn't rain a lot either, Wildlife, ducks, birds, moorhens, ponds, wildlife, Leicester wolds, walking, people, weather, sunshine, cool, cooling off, sun, sun shine, sunset, setting sun, evening, light, rain, warm, hot day
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