UK weather evening sky Melton Mowbray
description: Melton Mowbray 7th March 2018: Drama in the evening sky during a mild evening with natures deep blues and orange colours as the sun sets Clifford Norton Alamy Live News.
keywords: Drama, evening light, evening colours, deep colours, landscape, nightscape, sunshine, wildlife, Bitterly cold, snow, cold weather, bad weather, snow showers, snow fall, snowman, snow drifts, start to a chily day dawn chorus, dawn, Robin dawn chorus, nature area, rare bird sightings, reflections, willow tree, white flowers, brown, field, chilly night, cold evening, evening, frost, winter coat, warm, keeping warm, woodland, meadow, nature area, Cold winds, Mother Nature, Nature, storm damage, weatherman, weather forcast, tourist, travel, bad weather, weather, storms, clouds, summer weather, winter weather, spring weather, autumn, rain, winds, chilly wind, fresh winds
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