Hot day banks of tthe River Soar UK weather
description: River Soar Cossington Meadows June 17th 2017: One of the hotest day this year for wildlife and visitors on the river cannal boats travel, visitors enjoy canoeing the water wayat the side of the low land meadows Moorhens battle, Grey heron fishers from the bridge, swan reflection as he cools off, Blue Damselflies rests on water lilies ©Clifford Norton/Alamy Live
keywords: Blue Damselflies, Rutland nature reserve, Geese, grey heron, Grested Grebe, Heron in flight, Rutland, River Soar Cossington Meadows, nature, reserve, Birds, Water, Rutland water, Nature Park, Wildlife, Wildlife Park, Bird Fayre, Wetlands, Wetland birds, Swans, Ducks, Moorhens, cannal boats, canoes, Cotes, Reedbeds, Warth weather, people, trourist, travel, carts, sky, clouds, large white clouds, Skies, spring, winter, summer, picture postcard, weather, woods, parkland, Spitfire, Vintage fun fair, Steam engines
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