Geeb rutland water 16 june 17 weather wildlife.jpg
description: Rutland nature reserve OakamJune 16th 2017: Warm weather around the waters of Rutland lake with fishing terns, Geese and Herons in flight, breeding Grested Grebe for visting bird watchers ©Clifford Norton/Alamy Live
keywords: Rutland nature reserve, Geese, grey heron, Grested Grebe, Heron in flight, Rutland, nature, reserve, Birds, Water, Rutland water, Nature Park, Wildlife, Wildlife Park, Bird Fayre, Wetlands, Wetland birds, Swans, Ducks, Moorhens, Cotes, Reedbeds, Warth weather, people, trourist, travel, carts, sky, clouds, large white clouds, Skies, spring, winter, summer, picture postcard, weather, woods, parkland, Spitfire, Vintage fun fair, Steam engines
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