Eastern Rhodopes Bulgaria weather
description: Eastern Rhodopes Mountians Bulgaria October 1st 2016: Sun shine, blue skies, autumn goldern colurs sheep graze, cattle walk along the mountian roads, animals look for water in the dry river beds on a warmer day then normal for this time of the year ©Clifford Norton/Alamy Live
keywords: Eastern Rhodopes weather, Kabile Nun's, Rozhdestvo Na Presveta Bogoroditsa, Holy Mary Monastery, Nessabur, sun shine on the coast Zheravna Bulgaria, Elhovo, Elhovo woods, woodpecker, Sliven, Blue Mountians, Tourist, Sky, Warm, Golden Light, Trees, tree, woodland, Elhovo, Yambol, town, Starlings, orange sky, golden leafs, Bulgaria Ustream Monastery, Weather, fishing nets, Migration, hoopoe, normally it doesn't rain a lot either, Wildlife, ducks, birds, moorhens, ponds, wildlife, Leicester wolds, walking, people, weather, sunshine, cool, cooling off, sun, sun shine, sunset, setting sun, evening, light, rain, warm, hot day
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