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Awesome Birds of Prey photography a chance to get that perfect Bird of Prey shot that you’ve been looking for! during a classic photography sessions with birds of prey which are normally seen from a distance in the wild, as a small group of photographers on this outing you'll take stunning portrait shots of a variety of amazing birds in a natural creative set-up allowing blurred backgrounds, birds in the fields, trees, woodland and hollowed out tree trunks. Held in a private location with Eagles, Owls, Falcons & Hawks capturing  enviromental images

Previous Experience for this workshop is ideal for beginner to advanced photographers a basic knowledge of your camera and be familiar with the your exposure modes, compensation, ISO and lens. 

On hand will be award winning professional editorial photographer and professional Falconer to make your day as enjoyable and a memorable time with NPA Images, a maximum of 10 photographers during this practical workshop time will be allowed to make supporting notes from the day.

A limited selection of Nikon DSLR cameras lens available for loan free of charge. 


Also on display during the day will be hand crafted box boxes, hedgehog house, reflection pool and feeders made from enviromental and wildlife friendly wood, a note breeding boxes and build to the right size for different species of birds. 


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