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Time to reflect an image just calling out to be recorded cystal clear water display a wonderful reflection on this iconic farmland game bird, grass, rocks and different colours all add to this photograph Rutland Nature Reserve Oakham. The visitor center located just a few yards away from were the picture was taken great hot chocolate to be enjoyed as you click away my granddaughter loves this location just getting into nature and photography it is idea for her to see birds close enough for her to capture with her Nikon J2 camera a small and light with good focal range for a 9 year old to use handheld. Nikon D4 Nikon 80 400 lens ISO 800 500 second F 6.7 manual white balance. 

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Converting colour image files to black and white will often boost their impact dramatically classic shots of icon animals particularly with wildlife shots. Black-and-white images if capture correctly, the photograph is conveying a lot more emotion and a deeper meaning. Subtracting colour from the photograph the artist or viewer is forced to look deeper and to add his own emotion to the images. Wildlife photography doesn't always need to be colourful

Black headed gull walks on frozen pond

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Peanuts are also popular to mix in suet for winter feed .

During the cold spell peanuts are a high calorie, fat-rich nut that appeals to many backyard birds , including jays, titmice, nuthatches and chickadees. Because the nuts don't freeze, they are perfect for winter feeding , whether you offer whole or shelled peanuts. 

Common winter birds  include finches, sparrows, titmice, jays, woodpeckers, chickadees and cardinals, though there are always other birds  that may appear at full, enticing feeders. Birders in northern regions may have pine grosbeaks, evening grosbeaks and red crossbills visit their feeders in winter .

As blizzards are batter the UK, UK armed forces are drafted in to help relief efforts warning that extreme snow as storm Emma wild bird battle survival. Keeping bird tables, feeders, and water supplies free of snow and ice.

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Robin feeds on basket of mixed seeds and peanuts

November 21, 2017

Reflection of Grey Heron Just by chance photo: Cliff Norton 

A recent visit to water mead nature reserve on a dull grey autumn day to shoot a feature for the paper edition of Editorial photos, the day started slow nothing really showing at the first hide over looking an area listed for waders. Time to move with a cup of coffee from the flash walking to the king fisher hide no show for that target bird bird blue tit and robin made a couple of good shows as they perched on reeds just feet away from the camera, morning passed a spot of lunch chasse butty with a hot flash coffee and a choc bun for afters. Flicking through the images on the screen of my d7200 Nikon 



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